About me

I have always loved nature and almost every activity I've done, have had something to do with it. Born 1958 and grown up in a small village outside Falun, Sweden, on the country side you can say, activities close to nature was a natural choice early in my life. Fishing (fly-fishing), hunting, bird watching, skiing, skijoring (dog), tracking, photography,.... You can actually say I grew up with a flyrod in one hand and a camera in the other.

This width in outdoor experience have learned me a lot of nature and how different groups see it. Under my 40 years of nature experience, I have seen a lot of what Sweden and other countries have to offer, but I have also seen how it has transformed away from what it once was. Not just to the bad, we have had some successful conservation programs and rescue action also, but still I see how the space is shrinking for many species, how we over-use it and how heartless we are to it. The small man as well as the big company.

Due to this I have more and more changed from being a "nature user", to being a "nature viewer", a conservationist . But not in an extreme way. I live and work for the principal that we avoid to leave traces and harmed populations after us. A way that in the long term gain everybody, I think and hope.

As so much in our society, everything shall be done with balance, in a restricted way. With a bigger understanding from the societies different groups, I think we can continue to have both a rich nature with wildlife and welfare at the same time.


Photography is a fantastic way of exploring our world. For me nature is the big inspiration source where you can find documentary motifs, patterns and artistic coloring, that make great photos. It has almost everything! It's the source for all our old traditional enjoyments like art, music and thrill. Even in today's modern world!

In the seventies/eighties, I was amazed of Jan Lindblad and his fantastic photography, that frequently was shown on television, but at that time I was unaware of the deep track his work would do to me.

Another person that also made a great impact on me was Hans Lidman, both as a writer, fly fisher man and a good photographer. I still read his books and fascinates of his simple, sometimes naive, nature romantics. His books are a good way to start your fishing dreams with!


In the late sixties, I started with photography with my father's SR Practica. Late seventies I bought my own Canon AE which followed me on many trips over 20 years. It was a real workhorse. After that I had one of the new Canon autofocus cameras which worked fine until I changed to digital 2005 and bought an EOS 350D. It made a revolution to  my photography!

Today the 350 has retired for two 5D Mk3. They really are incredible value for money cameras.

The lenses I use most are Canon EF 24-105/4, EF 300/2,8, EF converter 1,4x, EF 100/2,8, but my EF 70-200/2,8 and EF 17-40/4 are also used rather frequent. But a new favourite has almost taking over the landscape photography, a TS-E 24 mm LII. What a lens! I am not sure there are a sharper lens to buy.

No serious photographer can be without a tripod. My favourite is a Gitzo 1325, connected to either a Wimberly or Arca Swiss head. These are some marvelous pieces of equipment and the tripods stability excels!

As a wildlife photographer you need hides. Stationary hides are of course best in tough conditions, but lack the flexibility that tent types have. I have tried a number of different types of these mobile ones and most of them have pros and cons. In many situations I prefer the quality in "wildlifewatchingsupplies" hides, specifically for their robustness. The easy flip-up ones are perfect to have on day tours and under stable conditions, but they are to weak to be left for long in snow, rain and wind. I have done that mistake twice!

A tip: Beware of the hides tripod friendliness before you buy any. All are not at all suitable, they are made after hunters needs, not photographers.


This was just a very narrow pice of me, who I am, what I stand for and what equipment I use. The world changes and so do I, but the basis, I hope, will still be the same.


/Anders K


Marble canyon just south of the "Black ice", close to Mo i Rana Norway, is a fantastic place, where mother natur has made rock into art with the power of water and ice.

Australien, Purnululu eller Bungle-bungle
Vancouver Isl., Resident Orca