Lårån - a cultural and natural threasure

This protected creek is the most valued water in my cumunity (Falun), regarding its natural values. There are three reasons for this: There is a population of freshwater pearl mussel (margaritifera margaritifera) there; it is a breeding place for big lake trout (brown trout, salmo trutta) which are essential for the mussels; the creek has an unusaual high fall over its two kilometers run.
This year the water is so low, due to a very dry summer, that the trout run probable is jeopardized. Even the mussels are at risk.

The area is rich in cultural history. Two hundred years ago this was an "industrial estate", with a mine, with many water-wheels, several mills and energy transportation system by logs connected to water wheels ("stångång"). This photo shows the bearings for the water wheel axle. On the turning shaft was an angled iron, a "pedal", connected. The water turned the wheel and the connected logs started to move. Rotation converted water energy to longitudinal mechanical energy, energizing the pumps in the mine. Amazing what hard work could make centuries ago!

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