Musk ox in Dovre

This bull fight was the highlight of our three-night tenting tour in the area. The sound, when 400 kg meat speeding at 30 km/h, collides bone to bone, can not be described in words, it must experienced to be really understod. Now I know, what is said, that the hit-sound can be heared kilometers away. It is like a shot! 
It is a fortune to have had the luck to wittnesing this live, real live!

A nice bull in wonderful morning light after this autum's first snowfalls.
A flock of grassing musk oxes down in the valley.
Musk ox cow with calves (just one seen at time being)

This family group was one of many small groups that could be seen around. Some, like this group were down in the vally, other far up un the moutain sides. Typically, the groups had around four to six animals.  They seemed to be quite movable and some groups interacted with each other, under our stay. At times their movment surprised and some "to-close-encounter" occured, like the one below, when a shrub of willow reduced the sight. Suddenly a ox was standing there very close!

A young male or an old matriarch leading her family group
This open, harsh and weather exposed, but beautiful landscape, is ideal for the musk oxes.
Rain and evening sun. Mixed condtions is one of the benefits with mountain life.

"Born free" and "Live free" is somehow equvialent with this place. But there are more to be amazed of here than just the musk ox, there are berries, bushes and shrub in autumn colour. There is interesting whitish lichen and much more to be admired by.

Mountain bearberries (Arctostaphylos alpinus) coloured red due to the cold.
Lichen (of some kind?)

The Dovre mountain area is also famous for its wild-rein population. The "Scandinavian caribou". They have a seasonal migration around the whole mountain massif. With tremendous  energy and stamina, they cross vallies from one high platou to another just as if is a "morning walk with the dog", so to speak.

I was lucky to locate and comming close enough to be able to take some photos of a couple of groups. When the second group came down the slope to cross the creek, it was like the great wilderbeast migration in Africa, in miniature.
Nevertheless, it was a quite interesting and memorable experience and that is what counts.

Wildreins comming down the slope before crossing the creek.
Crossing the river

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