Gotland in late spring

Pasqueflower (backsippa)

For the first time I visited the south part of Gotland, both the Ekstad coastline and the for birders so famous "Sudret". And I am just blown away of its beauty, particularly at this time of year with very few turist. The cherry trees were blooming intensly, the orchids stood plentiful on the fields and excotic birds in aboundance. It was fantastic, at least for someone coming from mid Swedens "pine-forest area" !


We made this tour to explore the areas potential for future, more dedicated, birding photography and also to find some uncommercilized area suited for camping.



A small lonely cottage and three swallows in the middle of a bird protection area south Eksta coast line - it was for sale!

A typical landscape view from south "Sudret". Harsh but a very beautiful area.

Common linnet, female (hämpling, hona)
Horned Grebe (svarthakedopping)
Mew Gull (fiskmås)
Common Shelduck (Gravand)
Swan in glittering water
Northern Wheatear (Stenskvätta)
Barn Swallow (Ladusvala)
Eurasian Hobby close to its nest (Lärkfalk)
A gigantic birch burl on the peacful orchid meadows called " Mästerby änge".
Hoburg light house.

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