Falu dross mould heritage

Falu copper mine with its big pit is a well known heritage area. But it is not just the actual mine area that show tracks of old mining. All over in the surrounding area there are tracks to be seen. Particularly deposits from the enrichment process, dross and ore residues left in huge stacks. Most of these mounds are protected.

Due to the at that time very poor enrichment process, are these areas still open and not over grown with trees and plants due to high content of minerals.. This also means that the old mineral rich rock is open to the oxygen in the air, making oxidation possible and turning the copper and heavy metal rich residues into beautifully coloured stones.

These photos are taken along the small creek that is coming from lake "Vällan". This and many other small creeks and water branches in the surroundings were all forced to direct water to the old mine industri. Water was the main source of energy at that time and necessaary for keeping pumps and sledge hammers going in mine and foundry.

A figth aginst the time! In the last rays of sun a spider was crawling to the shore with frozen legs. If not there in time and finding some shelter for protection against the cold it will die. Luckily it made it -  to the shore at least.

The photo is converted to B/W and cropped.

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