At my local beaver dam

Beavers are not an uncommon animal in my neighborhood. Tracks from their "woodwork" can be seen in almost every waterway nowadays. But still are they not easily spotted close-by.
These photos is from a dam with little more open surroundings than usual, letting the late evening sun light-up the water until it have turned into a nice soft orange colour.
I was laying down on the dam, virtually on water surface, in one of its "dam-channels". To lay down in this surroundings is not just very wet and uncomfortable, the hardest part is the mosquitos and the midgets. You have to be dressed, closed, in protective clothing, including head-net. If dressed properly you can be calm and being relaxed makes it a pleasure being there.

On one occasion, the young (2 years old?) came closer than the lower focus limit on my 300/2.8. At that moment it was quite a surprise to look beside the camera for once. To see nature live, is still something extra than through some pieces of glass!

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